Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge-A Loving Hodgepodge

1. Create an acrostic using the word LOVE. If you're unsure what an acrostic is clickhere. 

Love is an
Exuberant feeling.

2. Does love really conquer all? Why or why not?

Yes because love is unselfish, believes in all things, endures all things, hopes for all things, etc. In a disagreement, love is unselfish and cares more about the other person.  Love is not self-centered even if it means giving in to another person's desire sometimes. Believing in that person, when you are a little unsure how the circumstance or circumstances will turn out--love doesn't quit it just hangs on and believes the best is yet to come.
Just think for a moment.....if the world showed more love to one another one would insist on their own way because we would put the other person first, no one would despise one another because we would love each other, we would share with others more, want the best for others...

3. Tell us about a time recently, where you really put your heart into something.

It would have to be last year with Relay for Life-a cause dear to my heart.

4. What's your favorite fictional love story?

Image result for the movie ghost

5. Do you generally wear your heart on your sleeve, or keep your cards close to the vest?

Generally I wear my heart on my sleeve...sometimes I wish I didn't and my family agrees with me.

6. What food says love to you? Why?

Fresh seafood which is a rarity for me.
Image result for fresh seafood platter

7. When were you last 'tickled pink' over something? Explain. would have to be when the wedding was over and things went smoothly.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I am a little sad, but going back to answer #2-I am not self-centered. Let me explain.....
This Saturday there is a fund raiser for a sweet child I taught who is currently at St.Jude's Hospital.  The fund raiser is an Adult Prom....which I would l like getting all dressed up and going somewhere, and hub on the other hand, does not.  So I am a little sad he does not want to go...but I will get over it.


  1. Love anything having to do with raising money for St. Jude's. An adult prom sounds like such fun...maybe your hubby will change his mind. Ah, "Ghost" could I forget that one?!

  2. I had never heard of Ghost before. I'll have to look for it now.

  3. St. Jude's is such an amazing organization. I hope the fundraiser for your sweet little friend is a success. I wish we lived in a world where cancer didn't exist. One day!


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