Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekend Rewind....

Weekend Rewind...

What happened to the temps??
Just last week, heck a few days ago, I was burning up in shorts and flip flops and now it is a bit chilly!  I think it is supposed to get in the 40s tonight-ugh not quite ready for this.  I need to ease into this cool slowly not fast like this.

Friday evening was spent attending a football game.  The sun was still glaring me in the eyes as I sat in the stands with the sweat dripping from my forehead.  Hub and I walked to the game because it was such a nice evening. After the game was over, we still sat for a couple of hours outside.  

Saturday evening was spent glued to the television set watching UT play. Such a bummer!

After attending church Sunday, we drove to see daughter.  Hub and I tried to walk a little, but the air was a little chilly for me and windy.
Little man went with us and he and Kenneth played X-box basketball.

Pretty soon this hillside will be so beautiful as God begins to paint the seasons.

 Daughter and her husband have this gigantic willow tree in their front yard.

A nice shade for when it gets hot.  Neither one of them care for this tree but I kinda like it. Their neighbor's child had tried swinging-but too windy and chilly for the little one. We weren't able to visit long...both daughter and her husband leave at 6 every morning to get where they need to go.  Little man did not want to leave and saying good-bye caused some tears to flow.  He still can't grasp the whole marriage thing..wondering why daughter just can't come home with us.  I just let him talk and cry a little.

Another work and school week and again I find my calendar with not much to do lists taped to it. :)  I think I am kinda getting use to it--relaxing a little I mean.

Have a great week.

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