Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekend Rewind....

Weekend Rewind.....

This was my first full week back in school-whew I didn't realize how tired I really was from all the wedding stuff.  I had difficulty sleeping or staying asleep all week.  It was as though my body was still going full steam ahead.  Many nights I was wide awake by 3am.  Hoping this week will be somewhat better- sleep wise.

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Friday, I kept grandson.  Hub and I took him to a football game.  He really does not like football but I told him we would only stay till half-time. To tell the truth, I only wanted to stay till half-time, too. Nate did enjoy some of the game and seeing some of his friends. After we got home and his bath was over with, we played and then he zonked out.  

Saturday, our church offered free haircuts, vision screening, hearing screening, dental screening, and backpacks full of school supplies.  I went and helped out with this-showing people around each station.  Later that evening my church invited Liberty University SOAR Dunk Team to come to our local high school.  These young, Christian men are amazing to watch. The event was free to the public and I think over 700 people came.

Daughter and hub made it safely back from their honeymoon!  They came down Sunday and we took them out to eat.  Then they wanted us to come up and see their apartment. I helped daughter put some more wedding gifts away while hub relaxed on the couch and Nate and Kenneth played X-box. Both daughter and her hub seem so happy and so in love.  This makes me smile.

Wishing all a happy week.  Enjoy Life!

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