Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Rewind...

Weekend Rewind.....


Friday, daughter and her friends left for a weekend get-a-way before her BIG DAY Saturday! (sniff, sniff)

There is still much to do-in terms of wedding-but hubs and I did not do much or even talk wedding. Well, hub tried, but I would begin to get a little teary eyed and the conversation switched to something else.

Saturday, hub and I went with daughter #1 to look at vehicles.  Daughter #1 seldom has any time off, except on Saturdays when she closes the pharmacy at 2.  As we began looking at vehicles, daughter spotted a truck she has been wanting.  The salesman knew hub so we did not have to listen to the  sales pitch one normally gets when looking at vehicles.  The salesman brought the vehicle home to daughter later that evening and later she took hub and I riding.  It is a smooth ride. Of course, I had difficulty climbing in and out of the vehicle a couple of times but that is par for the course. I think she is making the guy an offer today-fingers crossed.

A busy week for me-one that is also very emotional.  Prayers are appreciated

Have a great week!

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