Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekend Rewind...

Weekend Rewind....

Bridal Shower

This Saturday was daughter's bridal shower.  Time is going by way TOO fast for me right now.  

As gusts arrived, they were asked to write down their favorite recipe for the bride-to-be (Most know her mom is not very good in this area ha ha).  Guests also wrote down their favorite date night as husband and wife.  According to daughter, this is what her future husband and her have a hard time deciding on-- what to do.

There was plenty of food for the bridal brunch.

It looks like people are concentrating and writing in the above picture, and they were.  One of the games was guessing what the future groom thought about his future wife!  Right up my alley-only my answers were not daughter's answers. Hum....

Daughter and future son-in-law were engaged at Turks and Cacaos so the cake was this...
Daughter approved and I must say it was delicious! And the entire cake was  edible even the beach balls and flowers!

Many useful gifts....

Her bridal brunch was a success picture of HER!! The only picture is this...

Bride-to-be is the one with the long brown hair with her arms folded on the right hand side.  I can't believe no picture of her by herself :(    As her mom, I just felt terrible about this!

After daughter's bridal brunch, we attended her best friend's bridal shower that afternoon.  Daughter's best friend is getting married two weeks before daughter. I was stuffed from eating too much food and cake and it felt like I had eaten a bunch of doughnuts.  Definitely on a sugar high with too many calories.

Grandson wanted to spend the night and I was a little tired but what do you say but -okay come on.
He wanted to go back to Barter Theater.  On Wednesday, I had taken him to Barter to see the play, "Jungle Book,"

He wanted to go again,  After explaining to him the play was not being shown, he was okay with it.  I did promise that when another play came, suited to his age, we would definitely go.  Saturday was a long day and a long night at my house. 

Sunday, hub and grandson were both fitted for their tux-another item checked off the list.  Yes, I make a list-paper and pencil list that is.  Daughter uses her phone, but I need to see the list  everyday to make sure it is getting smaller and smaller but most to make sure items are being taken care of. When daughter makes fun of my list, I just smile and say-I got my way, you got your way. ahem

This week isn't going to be so hectic wedding wise, but I still have my own personal list to take care of. That's how I roll!!

P.S.  I have started to cry over the least little thing--maybe it is the wedding mode.

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