Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekend Rewind....

Weekend Rewind......

Late Thursday night we began packing daughter #2 furniture and other items and finished on Friday.  Hub drove the U-haul to meet future son-in-law to unload.  Hub said future son-in-law kept asking if a piece of furniture looked okay where he placed it.  Hub jokingly said, it doesn't matter because when Emily would come she would change it. Ha-that's my daughter!!  I am glad hub got to spend some time alone with future son-in-law--men bonding for a little bit.

So what did I do on Friday while hub was unloading U-Haul?  I took my mom and aunt dress shopping.  My mom is 77 years old, and we haven't always gotten along very well.  I was a daddy's girl, and when my father passed away at the age of 47, my world just kinda crumbled.  Anyway, Mom enjoyed herself and so did I!!  I have become to have more patience with Mom the older I get.  Sometimes I just take a slow breath and hum a song and all seems to be okay.

My aunt, who is my father's sister, is only two years older than I, so we are more like sister had a blast!  We all shopped, laughed, and ate till our hears desire.  It was such a fun-filled day no one (including myself who was so anxious about the outing) wanted to come home.  I did text hub a few times to make sure he was okay with the unloading of the U-Haul and he was.

Later that evening hub and I talked like we usually do on our front porch about the day's events.  I told him about mine and he seemed to enjoy his day except for driving the U-Haul-he said he thought he was driving a wagon.

Ran a lot of errands on Saturday to get ready for daughter's bridal shower this coming Saturday.  I have a few ideas and daughter has a few ideas so .....who knows.

Sunday I went to see how the apartment was coming along.  I must say it looks very cozy and I am proud of daughter and future son-in-law.  I am sure they will make this place a happy home.

Tomorrow is a professional development day for me-what was I thinking????  But I told myself this would be my first -last day of professional development!!

Have a great week.

Please say a prayer for a special friend of mine.  I just learned a few minutes ago that my friend's husband is dying.  Such a strong woman but I know she would appreciate the prayers.

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