Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind
(the continued version)

A fun-filled weekend..continued....oops

Friday was our high school's homecoming.  It was a football game between two big rivals-has always been that way.  Hub and I open the coffee shop after every home football game and this Friday was no exception.  The way the football game was going :(, we both figured we wouldn't have a big crowd.  Wrong-we did.  I thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere of the coffee shop after a football game.  All just come and relax while eating homemade cakes. pies, and of course our special coffee.  It is just a place to recap the game and talk about the week.  Hub and I got home at 1 that morning.  Both of us unwind and then to bed at 2 in the morning.

Saturday was our Community Festival-normally called our Apple Festival-name changed and won't go into detail about that~sigh.  Up at 6 to begin baking rolls-hub and I fixed 90 country ham biscuits.  All had to be cleaned up to get ready for the parade.  Our SCA-Student Council Association -I am the sponsor-was going to ride in the parade, and all participants were to be lined up and ready by 9 that morning.  The traffic was horrendous, so I walked to the parade line up to make sure SCA was there plus I was walking with my Zumba crew.  The students were there but I had forgotten the banner-uh oh! The students didn't seem to mind; they were just happy being able to ride in the parade.  I met up with my Zumba crew, and they were busy decorating the instructor's BMW car-with duck tape!!  Oh Gosh-was my first thought, exactly!  Daughter had two vehicles in the parade-advertising her pharmacy, so I was going back and forth between SCA riders, Zumba crew, and daughters.  Daughter #2 had come in for the festival, but was upset because hub didn't let grandson ride in one of the vehicles.  Being the person I am, I calmed daughter down and then called hub.  I met hub halfway and picked up grandson along with some other buddies, and put them all on the SCA ride.  This made all happy-but I was wore out and still had the parade hadn't even started!! We all made it through the parade, and all was happy.  EXCEPT-I forgot my camera!!  I was upset-I love taking pictures of the festival parade and now no pics.  I hated myself for this-even though no one else seemed to have cared. Shoot fire! I hit publish instead of save-----oh well...

All ventured back to the house after the parade to regroup.  Some went to the festival craft show, some went to the tractor show, and some went to the band festival.  Me--I went searching for a cell phone.  My cousin had lost his cell phone at the ballgame last night so I helped him search-no luck finding the phone.  I talked to many people who saw me searching under the football bleachers and was wondering what on earth I was doing.  Since I couldn't find the phone I headed home.  About two hours later, I had a phone call from my school's secretary and the cell phone had been found.  Someone turned it in at the ballgame on Friday and the resource officer had it.  Since our secretary was one person what on earth was I doing under the bleachers-she had run into the resource officer and as luck would have it knew it was the phone I was searching for!  So you see, there are still some very honest people in this world.  

Later that evening as I was sitting on the deck and still listening to the bands -competition still going strong at 9 that evening, I realized how lucky and blessed I am.  I must admit, it is not often I sit and just as my daddy use to say-"smell the roses."  I must also admit, it felt good-something I should take the time to do.

This weekend was a blast of fun-so much to do and the weather was perfect-a little too warm for this time of year, but heck it is better than having rain. Blue skies all weekend!

Wishing all a great week and Enjoy Life.

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