Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind..

Weekend started on Friday evening with a 'Ladies Night'-as we call it-at a good friend's house. A long, lost friend joined us from Florida.  This person has had some health issues, and we were all thrilled she could join us.  Much laughter, food, and memories were shared.  When I returned home, hub was sitting outside.  It was a hot August night so hub and I sat and talked until the wee hours of the morning.  Well I did most of the talking telling him about 'ladies night/ A great evening.

Saturday I attend my ole high school for our Shaker Reunion.  The high school is no longer known as the Shakers-consolidation many years ago and for the past four years a bunch of us Shakers have gotten together for a reunion.  Not many people have attended as in years past.:(  Tears were shed as the list of loved ones keeps growing-lives taken away way too soon.

We kept 'little man' this weekend.  His father was playing in a golf tournament, and we keep him as much as we can.He loves music so he got out the ole trumpet
Hub says he is going to be a band geek-that's okay with me.
  Saturday evening we attended church  listening to our Contemporary Worship Group sing.  Daughter #2 was able to come  home and sing.  I love listening to this group sing. Sometimes I feel God's presence just listening to this group.

Sunday was a day of more reunions.  The Perryville Muck Dam Reunion!  I grew up in Perryville (well most of my life).  Perryville is located in Saltville, Virginia-known for Olin Corporation and of course, Salt for the Confederacy.  Perryville was built on muck-yes muck and mercury.  Olin closed in the 70's and many left the little town of Saltville.  Saltville is now booming somewhat and a couple of years of ago a nice young man decided to put together a reunion for all the kids who grew up on the muck dam.  So many wonderful memories.  There are only a few houses standing in Perryville-most all torn down.  Loved the reunion yesterday.
We had our own corn hole tournament.  All enjoyed playing!!

Daughter #2 had to return to her graduate school and missed all the fun.  She was sad and didn't want to leave but knew she had to.  Little man tried to make her feel happy by striking up his pose
one 'cool dude' I must admit.  This didn't help daughter much, though.  I tried to console daughter by telling this wasn't a lifetime only a few more years-Gosh classes on Labor Day-give me a break!

A lazy day here on Labor Day.  Hub grilled out and we (hub, daughter #1 and I) just sat around and talked.  Our discussion was centered on summer-no one wants to let it go.  The days have been very hot (90's) and we keep soaking it all in for we know what is just around the corner!

Have a great week -only four days-woohoo!


  1. Sounds like a great evening with friends. We have a class reunion in a few weeks. We have 153 attending but 39 have passed away....makes you thankful for each day! Glad you had time with your little man and I haven't been to a worship service in several years. They were always so inspirational to me. Sounds like a good weekend.


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