Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1.  What's something you wanted to do this summer that you never got around to actually doing?

More traveling-I wanted to see so many places but didn't get around to it-sigh

2. Share a favorite memory of your own back -to-school days as a child.

Being all dressed up in new school clothes and shoes, and anxiously waiting on the school bus while in elementary school. I had missed my friends (would go and spend the summer in Baltimore) and couldn't wait to see them.  The first day of school was always filled with excitement. Later in high school (no such thing as middle school in my day and time), getting all dolled up to see if you could see that special someone you might have had a crush on.  Dashing through the halls trying to find the right class and desperately trying to open your locker without anyone noticing you were having difficulty.
This weekend I visited my high school.  Much talk was centered around-wish we could go back.  I replied, I would only go back if it was the same as it was back then.  No way do I want to return to high school now.

3.  What's one chore or daily task you prefer doing 'old-school' ?

Balancing my check book-I do not trust on-line banking so I balance my check book the ole fashion way.

4.  Share something you've learned in life through the 'school of hard knocks'.

Life is full of ups and downs and it is not always fair!  Hard work does pay off.

5.  As a child, did you mostly bring or buy your lunch for school? What was your favorite thing to find in your lunchbox?

Never packed my lunch for school.

6. Football season is upon us which has me wondering... how big of a sports fan are you (not just football) ? On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being 'I scream at the players through my television screen' and 1 being 'is knitting a sport?' where do you fall in fandom? 

I am an 8!  

7. Share a favorite quote you think might inspire students of all ages at the start of a new school year. 

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."  John Wooden


  1. I'm with you, Tammy...going back to high school right now doesn't appeal to me, at all. There's just too much drama...nothing like when I was in HS. I want to keep my good memories as just that.

  2. I think every generation of high schoolers has had comes with the age. But at least we didn't have the social media pressure kids have today. If you did something stupid the whole world didn't know about it.

  3. I also don't trust online banking. I much prefer keeping track of everything in my checkbook. Our bank was one of the last ones in our area to quit sending our cancelled checks back each month. The switched over to imaging a year ago. It was a change I wasn't very happy about.

  4. I think the best part of going back to school was seeing our friends again. We too were away for whole summer when we were kids.

  5. That had to be very exciting seeing your friends since you didn't see them all summer! I do my bank book old school too. Excellent quote!


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