Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind....

A blur.....

Friday evening, hub and I planned on opening up The Coffee Shop for our community to watch our high school girls play in the championship game in Richmond, Virginia.  We had our computer hooked up to the television so all that wanted to watch could.  Daughter had texted later that evening saying her plane had landed in Charlotte and she would be home on Saturday.

Saturday, we had around 40 people come and watch the basketball game.  It was a beautiful day but the game started at 12 so we all knew we would not be indoors all day.  There was much clapping and cheering for our girls high school team!  For the first time in our school's history our Chilhowie High School Girl's Basketball Team are now State Champions.

The weather was gorgeous-already mentioned, huh?
I even saw some greenery popping through.

Daughter became engaged on her trip last week.  Hub and I knew this was going to happen because the young man had asked for our approval before hand.  We were able to Face time and see them afterwards.

Excited for both of them and I can honestly say I really like the young man she has fallen in love with.
As the evening was coming to a close, little man was looking worse and worse.

 I called #2 daughter down to take a look at him.  She said he needed a steroid so she called his doctor and talked to the nurse practioner.  The nurse practioner did not agree with my daughter, who by the way is a pharmascist.  He got worse and worse and began itching and looking terrible.  Hub and I called little man's dad and told him to meet us at the hospital because we were taking little man back.  I felt so sorry for him because he felt so bad.  The doctor in the emergency room gave him a steriod shot and sent us home at 1:30am. Before leaving, hub laid down with him.  Seems like it takes forever to be check-in and check-out of a hospital.
 Little man wanted to come back home with us-which was perfectly fine with me.  Poor thing was up all night-itching and scratching.  The only way he seemed to get comfortable was for me to rock him-which I did for the rest of the night and part of the day.  Around 4 that evening he began to feel somewhat better.  It broke my heart to see him feeling so terrible.

Daughter #2 and finance left to head back to school and it seemed like I didn't get to see her at all-now that I think about it. As a matter of fact, this entire weekend seems like one big, gigantic blur.... Hub said it was just because we had a lot going on-which we did.

Hub goes for a colonscopy on Tuesday, March 18 so I am asking for prayers that all will be okay.  I do get nervous-and it is okay I tell myself and that I won't have to hear that awful C word again-but I still get nervous.  Hub gets nervous too, but tries not to let me know but I do know.

The weather has turned dreary-rain and cooler temps. but this is still March, right?

Wishing all a great week.

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  1. Little man looks miserable. Is that poison ivy? A wedding! So excited for you all. Her ring is beautiful. Have they set a date?


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