Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind...

First, I must tell a little about my Thanksgiving.  For the past ten + years, our church has delivered food to families less fortunate.  I signed up to  bring many pounds of cole slaw and pies.  The food is brought to the church early that morning and then the people who sign up to deliver the food arrive at 10.  This has become a family tradition for us.  After delivering the food, we all return to church for a little meal.  It is so heart warming to see the smile on the elderly's face as well as the children's face when the meals are delivered.  We delivered over 200 meals this year-so it does take a better part of ones Thanksgiving Day-but it is well worth it!

As you can see, it takes a lot of people to pull this off and much organization.

Daughter #2 made these special treats-she doesn't take her skills from me.

Since delivering food takes much of Thanksgiving Day, I have always pre-ordered our Thanksgiving Dinner from Cracker Barrel.  This year, hub forget to tell me his uncle had invited us to dinner.  So I just took part of the Thanksgiving Dinner there.  Let me tell you, it wasn't needed--I have never seen a spread like this.
Charlie's uncle owns his own restaurant and his wife and daughter love to cook.  The food was delicious and I did what most people do-over stuffed myself.  We all helped clean up and I caught hub doing something he very seldom does at the house...
He seemed to be enjoying himself here. ahem...

Last year was the first time I have ever went to Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving night.  I had a ball and went again this year.  Just watching people is something else.  People are standing in line for hours just for a special bargain.  This year was also a first because as I was talking to a friend the manager of Wal-Mart says on the intercom and I quote..."If I can have your attention and you all cut out the chatter-the sale is about to begin so step back"  Well I lost it at this point because my mind went racing to-step back from what?  Is this a gun shoot out?  She meant to step back from the merchandise my friend later told me.   I couldn't help but laugh.  However, I don't know why people stand in line for hours because later the store always puts out more of the merchandise out  one was standing in line to get.  Another fun night at Wal-Mart for me!

Friday morning, Hub, daughter #2, and I went to see #2 daughter's boyfriend.  Boyfriend plays college basketball (4 hour drive) and we had promised daughter we would go-What were we thinking????  We did do a little shopping while there.  I love going to the Mennonites' store. and seeing where they live.

Gorgeous farm land and fantastic homemade food, jellies, jam, butter,  and fudge.  I couldn't resist and had to purchase  some.

Enjoyed the basketball game.

But honestly, I don't remember living in this type of housing in my college days....
Times have changed.....

We decided to travel Saturday after the game to beat the traffic.  Traffic was horrible...we barely missed three accidents.  The last one, I was banging my elbow against the window yelling at the other driver,  Whew!  I was glad to reach home.  I did mention to hub and daughter that I personally do not think any college games should be played on Thanksgiving weekend-too much traffic as it is and this only adds to it. My feet  was extremely happy to touch ground.

Now it is time to return to work tomorrow and begin counting down the days to Christmas break!

Hope all have a great week.


  1. Wow you had a pack full holiday with a little mixture of everything. Sounds like good times.

  2. Sounds like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend!

    You reminded me about the Sunday after Thanksgiving a few years back when we decided to go to Hilton Head ... and had to drive through Atlanta. I-75 southbound was literally a parking lot. :-o

  3. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving tradition! Just getting to the airport Tuesday night was enough to send me over the edge-so much crazy traffice!!

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure we did NOT live in that sort of housing : )


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