Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Aloha! On August 21, 1959 Hawaii officially became a US state. Have you ever been? Upon arrival would you prefer an orchid or a hibiscus to tuck behind your ear?

An orchid.

2. Since we're talking tropical...what's your favorite food or beverage made with pineapple?

Fresh pineapple-but if I can't have this, I love pineapple on pizza.

3. Do you believe in soul mates? Explain.

Haven't really thought about this-until now and I really don't know.  Should you keep on searching for that perfect someone like searching for a needle in a haystack?  I do believe relationships just don't happen-it takes work.
I have found my wonderful soul mate!

4. Share a memory about the house you grew up in.

My front porch-where all the kids gathered and just talked to the wee hours in the morning.

5. Are you comfortable with silence?

Yes?  Of course, this is something I am not used to hearing.

6. You spot a giant spider on your bedroom wall...what's your next move? (all spiders are giant, right?)

After screaming to the top of my lungs, finding something to kill it with.

7. My idea of fun does NOT include ______________.

Standing in long lines trying to get on a ride at Disney World.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Having a hard time adjusting to school.  Hopefully will get better soon!


  1. I'm sure it's rough making the transition from a relaxed summer to the frenetic pace of those first few days of school. Hope things settle down for you soon!

    I've never been to Disney in the high season so we've never really waited in long lines there. We've always been in the fall when kids were in school.

  2. I've never been able to do the pineapple on pizza thing. Hope you adjust to the school thing quickly. This semester is my last class for my CS degree, then on to my Masters!

  3. I'm with you on #7, but I'm sure I'll "suck it up" next year when we take DD and the Ts to Disney World ... anything for the grands, right?

    I just can't develop a taste for pineapple on pizza ... I prefer the traditional toppings like Italian sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni, etc. ;-)

    Hope you can get adjusted to school soon.

  4. uugh! I hate standing in lines anywhere...And I LOVE pineapple on my pizza :) Happy Wednesday!

  5. That pizza looks yummy! Yes, standing in line at Disneyland is not fun.


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