Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Rewind....

  Weekend Rewind

Friday night we kept grandson because his father is the "Voice of the Warriors" on the radio.  Started to go the game but since this was the first football game of the season and playing a big rivalry chose to stay home and listen to the radio.  Good choice!  Heard the football stadium was packed! and I was able to do some relaxing from  the comfort of my couch (well some with a 4 yr, old) and still be at the game (in spirit).

Saturday we took grandson to the  Back to School Bash sponsored by a local church. Even though he is not in school, he still enjoyed the inflatables!  I am so thankful our community churches still have these events. There is something to say about living in a small town. The weather was perfect picture day.

Hub has never played Corn Holes.  I enjoy playing so I had to talk him into a game.
Of course, he WON!!  I told him it was beginner's luck.  I feel a Corn Hole Tournament at my house soon!

Feeling a little better about school.  I was exhausted last week. Getting back in the groove is so hard and I had bus duty all week--.   Felling much better tonight-actually looking forward to going back tomorrow.

I usually tell a few co-workers--"Enough is Enough."  This year I am saying "Enjoy the Ride."  Everyday brings so many opportunities, promises, and blessings.


  1. Our church always has a back-to-school event. It's always a fun time.

    Glad you're starting to feel better about school. Hope this is a great week for you.

  2. Glad you're feeling more in the groove. I think it's the bus duty that did you in last week : ) Ugh! It's nice your community celebrates back to school time.


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