Sunday, August 12, 2012


I have put some miles on this past week.  I feel 'jet legged'-I hope this is the right terminology.

 We had a condo reserved for this past week and went Sunday to Pigeon Forge.  Hub and I took grandson along with his mother and #2 daughter.  Daughter #1 on rotations and couldn't go.

First stop-Blue Moose.  If you ever travel to Pigeon Forge must stop and eat at the Blue Moose.
A hit with the grandson as well.

Second stop-The Aquarium-  One of my favorites.

Grandson was so fascinated with the crabs--
I loved the.....
I could watch these 'little fellows' for hours and hours.
Hub enjoyed sitting and watching more than walking and looking.

Third stop-The pool....
Four generations..Charlie's mom, Charlie, #2 daughter, and grandson.  Thankful every day for my mother-in-law; she is truly one special lady.

We had to head home Wednesday.  School began for me on Thursday.

The first days of school are hectic so the first day is really, really hectic.  Surprised when I got home because hub informed me WE were going back to Pigeon Forge on Friday.  Daughter #1 didn't have to go on her rotation Friday or Saturday and she wanted to go to the condo and do some shopping.  I did what any mother would do-get ready to return to Pigeon Forge.   After school on Friday, I headed back to Pigeon Forge only to return home Saturday evening.  Whew--over 600 miles of driving and riding.  So today I feel like I have been run over by a truck.

Tomorrow is another teacher workday full of meetings and trying to get my room organized for parents tomorrow night.  Where did summer go?

My grandson said this to me on Tuesday while swimming.....

"Mam Mow, this is the life."  How true!  I need some of this R & R  right about now!  Where oh Where did the Summer Go?
Enjoy your week ahead.


  1. At least you soaked up thoe last precious minutes of summer fun! Your grandson is cute : )

  2. Snaps look like very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing such a nice blog talking how to enjoy life. Thanks for life related blog. Thanks once again. !!!


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