Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A word I would banish from everyday vocabulary would be the word ain't. I guess this word bothers me so because I am a teacher-"Mrs. Doane I ain't got my homework, Mrs. Doane I ain't got no pencil, Mrs. Doane I ain't, I ain't ........ Whew!!! But what really throws me for a loop is the word 'ain't' in the dictionary!!!! Come on-'ain't is it a contraction-if so-what two words does it make??

Opportunity is something you create. If there is something you want, work hard to achieve it. However, if opportunity comes knocking at your door-take it.

OMG--eating healthy-since we have missed 13 days of school, all I do is eat-candy, candy bars, muffins, cookies, anything and anytime. I don't know if I can get into my school clothes now!!! But I do like salads with everything and I mean EVERYTHING and my favorite dressing is ginger.

I don't have time to really get the 'blues.' I have a youngest daughter who plays college basketball so I really try to go to her games and support her (at least I get to see her). I also have a step-grandson who is 2-Yep the terrible 2 stage, but I enjoy being with him and he keeps me on my toes.

I always have to wear a watch-again is this a teacher thing?

High school didn't prepare me for life-maybe because I went to a small high school. Something I try to prepare my students for is----always be kind to others. There is a program we have at school called Rachel's Challenge-that is related to kindness. If society would be kind to one another ,what a world we would live in. I also tell my daughters to be kind-no matter what-and there are sometimes when you have to bite your tongue!!

I use an accountant for tax purposes. I don't know what I would do without him.

Random thoughts--enjoy the snow and the cold. Before we know it, it will be 90 and wishing for some cool air!!!

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