Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge


From this Side of the Pond

1. August 12th is National Middle Child Day...are you a middle child? If not, where in your family do you fall in terms of birth order? Do you hold true to the typical characteristics of oldest-middle-youngest-only child? (a quick list can be found here) Elaborate.

I am the oldest sibling. I do spend more time with older adults and I am very conscientious. I do have a tendency to be bossy, and I am definitely a worrier.

2. Tell us about a time you felt like (or you actually were) in the middle of nowhere.

Years ago when youngest daughter was playing college basketball, our GPS really took us in the middle of nowhere!  Hub always put in the shortest route.  We were literally driving on a one way mountain, and there were only few houses, which were scattered miles apart.  My behind was eating a hole in the seat.  I wish I could remember where we were heading to that day, but I guess it is a memory I don't want to remember!

3. What's something you're smack in the middle of currently?

I can't think of anything right now that I am in the middle of.

4. What's a food you love to eat that has something delicious in the middle?

The only food I can think of is steamed crabs!

5. Share a memory from your middle school days, or junior high if that's what your school dubbed kids somewhere between grades 6-8.

My aunt and I were just discussing this the other evening.  A fond memory was having the 'boy of my dreams' (well I thought he was) carrying my books to class as he walked me down the hall.  Not a care in the world.  Today, being a retired middle school teacher, there is too much drama!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Sunday evening I tripped over a stepping stone and landed right on my knee.  Holy Moly!!  Painful.  I have elevated and applied ice but it is still sore (a little more stiff) and swollen.  Getting older...I guess, my body won't bounce back so quickly.


  1. Middle school is totally different now than it was when we were kids (I'm retired from the school system too). I sure hope your knee feels better soon and that you didn't do any real damage! Have a great week Tammy :)

  2. I think the age of the internet has changed childhood in ways both good and bad. I am thankful both myself and my children missed the online drama and really just having to figure out life with all your friends watching and judging. Take care of that knee. No, we definitely don't bounce anymore. We mostly kerplunk with a thud : )

  3. You made me think of my first boyfriend. Life was so simple back then. I am afraid to fall. I have osteoporosis, so I have to be careful.

  4. Uh oh! You're in the middle of having an owie! I hope your knee heals quickly.
    That's a cute story about the boy carrying your books at school.
    I always said (as both an elementary and high school teacher at different times) that I'd rather be homeless and live under a bridge than be a middle school teacher. LOL

  5. Enjoyed reading your answers. Thanks for stopping over. Sorry about your knee. Hope it's better now. Take care, stay well and God Bless.


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