Sunday, April 7, 2019

Weather, Lawn mowers, and college signing

This past week, I have enjoyed this weather. 😎  The temps have been in the low 70s and only one day of rain. 
My yard was beginning to look like a hay field.  I had no clue about using the lawn mowers (yes, riding and one self-propelled).  My son-in-law had asked earlier if the mowers were ready...I had to ask him what he meant?  (This widow life is taking a new level for more ways than one!).  My son-in-law mentioned gas...of course I knew what that meant and I even knew where hub had kept the gas can.  Then my son-in-law mentioned oil...Oil for what?  Again, he had to explain...I had no clue that a lawn mower used oil. You see, hub loved mowing and he would not let me touch the lawn mowers...weed eater I did use BUT NEVER the lawn mowers. My son-in-law asked if I knew where hub had kept the manuals...the lawn mowers were purchased last year.  I searched in every nook and cranny I could luck finding the manuals,  I called a dear friend of hubs and explained the circumstances...Thank God for this friend.  He came out to the house, knew EXACTLY  where hub had kept the manuals, and serviced the lawn mowers for me.  Shew!  that took a load off.  You know, it is the little things that keep popping up that I have ABSOLUTELY no clue about.  Son-in law, Kenneth, came out and helped me mow the lawn.  We hunted for the weed eater as I was going to spruce up the bank...couldn't find it...searched and searched for the weed eater. Finally, Kenneth remembered he had it at his house.  Another ..Shew! at least I knew where it was and the bank could wait till next time.  So grateful for Kenneth for helping me out...he even showed me how to use the spray hub had for killing weeds.  I was able to pull some weeds and then I used the spray on happy for me.  It felt good that I was able to accomplish this.

For the past couple of years, we have had a young man working for us.  He wants to be a pharmacist so daughter has treated him like a brother.  This young man (hub called his grandson) was a great football player at the local high school. Hub walked this young man out on senior night.
Had a banner made for hub.

and when hub became very ill (I HATE CANCER), this young man and the seniors on the football team came to our house and presented hub with the game winning football.

This picture melts my heart.
Anyway, this young man has decided to play college football.  He called me and asked if I would come to his signing.  A lump in my throat...and a tear in my eye...I agreed.

I am so proud of this young man and can't wait to watch him play college football next year.

My little guy (grandson Blake) is enjoying the weather.  He loves the outside and simply dislikes...more like throwing a temper tantrum when he has to come in. My brother-in-law has a farm and yesterday daughter called and wanted me to come and see Blake interact with all the animals.  He is not scared of anything...loved the animals.

I love his hair....the more I try...the more it sticks up.
Some battles I don't I just let it stick up!!

Have a Blessed Week and...
Enjoy Life

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