Sunday, September 9, 2018

Roller Coaster

Image result for hate cancer meme

Image result for hate cancer meme
It has been a few weeks....
This Cancer journey is a roller coaster of emotions....and it sucks!!!

Hub had a pretty good Labor Day.. He was able to enjoy the festivities for two nights and even attended a high school football game!!  I am so happy when he has good days.

Friday, September 7th, we traveled back to Duke.  He was scheduled for the second phase of the radioembolization.  They took him back a little after seven that morning....and he was discharged at 2pm that evening. 

I can see a change in husband...not only physically ( he is still losing weight...weighs 149lbs and weighed 187 in April) but emotionally as well.  I believe he is getting tired of fighting even though I encourage him daily and try to make things easier for him.  He isn't his happy, jolly self...he tries to put up a front, but I know...I know the pain, the heartache he is feeling. 

I have faith, but it is days like this...I question...Where Are You God?  Are You Listening?  I know you have seen my tears and heard my prayers as I cry out to you.  I know your timing is perfect, but I still question.  I see my husband suffer daily...cancer who would have thought...he was the healthy one in the family...exercised, ate right, was the peace maker...and a great person...Now Cancer has Sucked this out of him!!  I hate Cancer!!!

Today hasn't been a good day....Hopefully Tomorrow will be better.


  1. UGH!!! Sending so many prayers to you and him right now!

  2. Oh gosh... my heart just aches.
    Prayers lifted for a renewed spirit for your husband in this battle he's in.

    1. Thank you so much! We really appreciate the prayers.

  3. You and your husband both are in my prayers so often xo


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