Monday, February 19, 2018


Hub and I returned home from Duke with not so good news.  It was a long drive home....not much talking but a lot of crying.  It is okay to cry.  When we got home, I just couldn't stand being in the house so I persuaded hub to attend our local high school's basketball game.  We both needed to get away.  Hub is a people person so he needed this therapy!  Our local high school team won!

In the background is little man sitting with future son-in-law and daughter.  Hub is coming down the bleachers.

Valentine's Day was spent with this guy.

He has stolen my heart....
I can't believe is already a month old. I just love him like no other love.

I had shirts made for hub, Blake, and myself.  
The other grandchildren call hubs Buddy.  They have never called him Pap, or Pap paw only Buddy!! Having this guy visit, gets our mind off of that 'C' word.

Since our local high school team won, they played Friday night.  Hub and I wanted to go.  We, well more like hub has gotten close to a couple of players. On the way to the game, hub began crying.  After waiting a few minutes, I questioned him.  He was worried about I told him it was okay to cry BUT Cancer was not going to steal our joy. So cry and then let it go.  The game was great and our local team won!  One of the players and his girlfriend wanted their picture made with hub.
Hub calls them his grandchildren.

Saturday, we went to watch little man, Nate, play basketball.
Oldest daughter tagged along.
Watching 3rd-5th graders play a hoot!!  Much laughter and a few coaching techniques from hub was heard.  
I think we have a future basketball least he looks like one!

The weather is very much springlike here...after the rain.  Temps are going to be in the high 70s this week.  Daughter#2 is going to bring little Blake down and go for a stroll.  

What a great idea I told her!

Enjoy your day. I am!

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  1. I'm glad you got out of the house. Keeping you all in my prayers. Your grandson is so cute and yes time flies! Ours is seven months old tomorrow, and we're going out west to see him soon. I can't wait!


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