Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Exciting News

I have some EXCITING NEWS!

Charlie and I are going to be grandparents!  Our youngest daughter and her husband are expecting in January.  January 8th is the DATE!

I have known for a few weeks. So today,after I went with her to her doctor appointment, she gave me the okay to share. She has the final say, now.

Sitting in the doctor's office, my mind began going back in time.  So many memories came back.  It doesn't seem that long ago even if it has been 27 years that I was sitting waiting on the doctor to check me.  Listening to the talk of all the expecting mothers, made me giggle....especially the first time mothers.

Other good news....Hub went for his chemo treatment at Duke....desensitizing his body to give him the chemo he was allergic to 7 yrs ago.  Hub so far has done great....no allergic reaction!  Praise God!  He is in control.

Life has thrown us a few curve balls this year...but we are still in the ballpark.


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  2. Congratulations, that is wonderful news!

  3. I'm a random-blog-traveller here. And I just read this post and I think about my parents. How did they feel when I had a baby, maybe they were also like how you felt.. very happy and exciting..? right? and after my baby born, my father was very changed, he was strict and kind of easy-angry-person.. but he is like an angel with my baby now. Anyway, congratulations :D


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