Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Looking Back

Looking Back.....
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2016 went by way too fast for me......slow down 2017

We did have our fair share of snow this past year.

Supported a local girl who was fighting cancer....happy to report all is fine..and this little girl is now in 3rd grade!

Celebrated Easter

Enjoyed some 'little league' baseball....well, hub was in his element.

Daughter graduated from DPT school!!  Woohoo

A week of fun with Bible School.

Handled some snakes!  YIKES!

Played some corn hole

Enjoyed some summer fun

Spent time with college friends....1992 last time we had all been together!

Added a new member to our family....daughter's baby

Delivered our Thanksgiving meals.

Had a wonderful Christmas!

Wishing all a Blessed Happy 2017!

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