Sunday, April 24, 2016



Hub and I left Friday evening for Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  For once, no agenda....just do what we what and when we want. 
It drizzled most of the way...a light rain drizzle.  Holy Smoke---when we were less that 15 minutes away, I looked out the window and saw hail!  There were patches of hail, I would say at least an inch think in the parking lots and on the sidewalk. Quickly, I rolled down the window and stuck my hand out and the air was a little cooler than I had expected.  While we were checking in to the condo, I asked about the hail...I was still in disbelief.  The nice gentleman told me they had experienced a hail storm about an hour ago.  Oh my...I had seen the after effects...

Since it was a little late when we arrived, hub and I opted to just munch on some snacks instead of a heavy meal.  We walked to the area with the fire pit and just sat around and munched on cheese/crackers, olives, chips, and our beverages. 
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Saturday was a perfect day...not too hot or too cold.  After breakfast, we headed toward Tanger to walk off our least this is what I told hub we needed to do.  Hub didn't mind going...thanks to the weather!  
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After Tanger, we ventured to the Island...had a few samples of wine...bought a few bottles and headed back to the condo. 
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 It was such a lovely evening we sat outside on the picnic table taking in the last few rays of sunshine.  An older couple came by from Ohio and we enjoyed a nice conversation with them.It turned out this nice couple had an aunt who had stayed at our local campground.  I enjoy staying at this particular oriented, and we always meet some nice people and have great conversations.  It is a small world.  Later, we went out to dinner.  I noticed it was more crowded than I asked what was going on.  There was a woman's convention...Women of Joy...10,000 women were in town!  I told hub he had better be good...he was in the minority. 

We have been promising daughter we would attend a baseball game...the guy she is seeing is a coach and his son plays.  On Sunday, we drove to watch the game.  It was hot...I know I shouldn't complain..but I was burning up....the sweat was rolling down my neck.  The heat did not bother these little guys ( 8 and under).  They played well and took second place.  Shew, I don't know how they play in the hot sun.

An enjoyable weekend....with no agenda...Yes, I could do this again.


  1. We havent been to Pigeon Forge in a few years & I keep hearing about this Island. we gotta get back down there!


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