Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello Monday!

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I have accomplished much already!  I have taken a long-term job-teaching AGAIN.  Yes, I did retire from 33 years of teaching.  A teacher in my district is unable to finish out the year, and I agreed this morning to finish out the school year for him.  So starting tomorrow, I am once again joining the working class.  Hub and I did discuss this decision over the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend--WOW what crazy weather we had.  Friday was pretty chilly.  Saturday morning I awoke to cold weather and some snow.

I didn't want to go out.  I chose to just stay in and read my devotions while enjoying my coffee.

The Little League Committee (ages 5-12 for baseball and softball) had decided to cancel Opening Day for Little League--a great decision.  Although most of the children were disappointed in this decision, I know the kids and parents would be miserable in the cold weather.  They had a Family Fun Day after church yesterday.  Names of players were announced and the players were able to hit once at bat.  Mother Nature we cannot control just find another way to celebrate a day.

Hub and I went to the movies Saturday evening.  We saw "The Boss"- a little too much language for me...but our choices were limited.  I did enjoy my popcorn!!  After getting home, I did finish my next book club's book-Ordinary Grace--an easy, mystery book.  However, I did kinda figure out the mystery before the ending.

This little guy has been under the weather.

He did go to school last week, but was so tired and felt bad he just wanted to lay down when getting off the bus.  His father and his father's girlfriend took him and father's girlfriend's other son  to Pigeon Forge this weekend.  Hope he was feeling somewhat better.

A beautiful, sun shining day....I need to get some other things done around the some outside yard work done.  Have a Blessed and Great Week!

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