Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Rewind...

Weekend Rewind....

First a little bit of the week in review....

Hub and I left Tuesday for Pigeon Forge-just a little get a way for a few days--a full week of Bible School, Wedding Planning, and other stuff happening just needed to get a way.  Boy I was sure more than ready!  I like going to Pigeon Forge because it is getting away and yet not too far in case something happens and we need to return home quickly.  Just relaxing and doing nothing is okay with me right now.

Tuesday, I woke up with the sniffles-so I took some over the counter meds and finished up some things around the house before heading out.  It was hot in Pigeon Forge-100+ degrees.  Quick as one stepped out of the vehicle one made a mad dash for the air conditioner!  

Hub and I have been wanting to purchase a cabin in this area so we spent the biggest part of the day cabin looking. The ones I really liked wasn't in the location I wanted.  I don't mind the mountainous area, but I do not want to be on the very tip top!  The view was stunning but if I want to be able to go in the winter season I need another vehicle to get to it so....we just kept looking.

Wednesday my sniffles had turned into something else.  My throat hurt, my head hurt, and I had lost my voice.   Image result for snifflesI tried to not feel bad for hub, because I know hub wanted to go shopping for our coffee shop and pick up some other things.  I trudged along sneezing, watery eyes, and taking more over the counter meds and drinking lots and lots of water which also meant stopping at every restroom along the way. Hub was able to pick up a few items he had been wanting.

By Thursday, I needed to go home.  I felt miserable!  On the drive home, I felt worse and worse and daughter had called doctor for me and told him my symptoms and thankfully had an antibiotic wanting.  I took antibiotic and went straight for bed!  Here I stayed until Friday morning.

Saturday, daughter had an hair appointment to see how she wanted her hair the day of her wedding.  The appointment wasn't until 12 ish so I just new I would feel better.  I got up early to take a shower, a shower does make one feel better, and I did a few things around the house.  I met her at the hair dresser and I absolutely loved the sophisticated style she had chosen for her special day.  About an hour later, I had to leave-the sickness had returned and I needed to go.  I was able to see most of her hairstyle; later that afternoon I felt much better and made it through the trail make-up session!  Her bridal photo session is this Friday, and I hope I don't cry. ahem

Step-son called Saturday night asking how I felt, which is strange he never does unless he wants something, oh yeah-he wanted us to keep the boys after church Sunday. I was feeling better Sunday but not 100% up to par.  I knew step-son had something planned, I mean here is a person that did not even come and see his dad on Father's Day! choosing to go hang out with friends.  Anyway as bad as I was still feeling, the boys came out (ages 6 and 2).  Both my daughters stayed and really helped-fixing dinner and really playing with them.  Hub called step-son as we were leaving for church that evening and said he could pick boys up after church.  Step-son said he was having a cook-out and for us to bring boys home. Like I said, I knew something was being planned earlier.  I chose not to go with hub to take boys home because I know me--I say what I think!  So glad I didn't go because I was right-daughter #2 went and said the scene was not a good one.  I just can't see how one in his late 30's and early 40's put a party scene before ones kids.  I mean he has one child whose mother has given up (age 6) and another child (age 2) by a person who has given up her two children, doesn't have a good past (trouble with law and served time) and still one wants to party!!  I could go on and on...but maybe another day I can write about all of this that is so heavy on my heart.  I just glad hub did not put up a fuss when I said I wasn't going to go with him to take boys home.

This morning the sun is shining and the temps are cooler.  I still have the sniffles but not as bad.  Step-son will be bringing grandson (age 6) down-yeah I keep all summer.  Grandson (age 2) goes somewhere else-yep that is another story one day for me to write.

My house is upside down-so much to try and get done today.  You know when Mom is isn't feeling the best in the world how things do not get done, right?  So I have much to do today.

Have a great week.

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