Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekend Rewind....

Graduation.....Wedding....Softball....Apartment Looking.....

A busy week to a busy weekend....

School ended Friday, and this Little Guy graduated from Kindergarten.

The children presented a program on Wednesday morning.  They were adorable!!

A proud moment for Mamaw and Buddy.

They had an award ceremony on Thursday....and grandson received a Citizenship Award and a Reading Award.
Grandson had a fabulous teacher; she wrote a little something about each child.

So glad his first year of school, was a great one. 

Gorgeous Saturday for a wedding.  Daughter's longtime friend was getting married.  These girls were close in high school, went separate ways for college-University of Alabama/ University of Va. at Wise and still remained friends.  The wedding was gorgeous and so glad the weather cooperated!  However, one must say we left a lasting impression. It was an outside wedding in a huge hay field.  And it was hot!! After the ceremony there was plenty of drinks under the tent.  And it was still hot-so hot the cake was melting and sliding to one side.  The longer the evening continued the hotter and muggier it became.  We left before dinner was served-which was around 8 -the wedding began at 6:30.  I figured sitting for almost 2 hrs. was enough and I was still hot!   On the way out, daughter put car in a ditch!!  Yep a ditch!!  We were stuck-so much for trying to sneak out!  The best man recognized daughter and he got others in the wedding party to pull us out!!  Shew!!  No damage to the car except tearing off the license plate!  Lucky for us. 

Sunday was a day of watching future son-in-law play softball.  Shew! it was hot! Hub and I (well mostly me) wanted to see the apartment these two had rented.  Mother needs to approve, right?  They will be living about an hour away..not too bad. A cozy apartment and I must say it was nicer than the one hub and I started out in!  New carpet will put down this week and then they can start moving in some furniture.  A nice apartment and pet friendly.

Tomorrow is a work day for teachers.Mostly packing away my room and straightening up a bit.  One more day after tomorrow and summer vacation will begin!

Have a great week!

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