Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekend Rewind....

Weekend Rewind...

Temperatures have surely risen over the weekend.  We have been in  an artic cold blast for the past couple of days-temps have been in the single digits and the wind chill factor way below zero.  I had bus duty during this cold spell but I survived!!  Now the temps in is the 40's so a warm welcome to this nicer temps.

Mainly, a lazy weekend here. Saturday was spent running some errands that needed to be done but was put off mainly because of the holidays.
Later, that evening PJ's were on early and I fell asleep while reading a magazine-boy I must have been tired.  Hub says I never do this (fall asleep early) unless I am tired or getting sick.  I prefer that I was just a little tired.  It is hard to get back in the groove when one has been out for two weeks!

Speaking of sickness-our area has been listed as one of the top places of having the most cases of the flu!!  Not something to be known for!!  Daughter has been certainly busy at the pharmacy with all the flu cases and other sicknesses.

Sunday was spent going to church and watching football.

Like I mentioned earlier, a nothing-to -do weekend in my part of the world;  I guess some weekends are made for this.

Hub has his oncologist appointment tomorrow.  Prayers for a great check-up.

Have a great week and Enjoy Life


  1. I had a really lazy weekend, too...I got caught up on Chicago PD & Chicago Fire and got the Christmas decorations put away.

  2. Hope the check up will go on well! And things will look good for him.
    Yes, tired, and flu and coughing and all other stuff that goes with this dreary season is something I'm not enjoying either.

    I haven't felt like doing much of anything the last week. Hope the weather will improve here as it did for you.


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