Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday hodgepodge

1. American Idol is back for a 14th season. Are you watching? Have you ever watched? If you were to audition for the show (or were made to audition), what song would you sing?

Yes, I have watched American Idol a few years ago.  However, I don't watch now because I haven't cared for the judges in the past years.
"In the Morning when I Rise" because I have told myself this year, I will sing this song on the way to school-I am in a much better frame of mind.

2.  Mark Twain is quoted as saying, "If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest one first." 

So when did you last have to 'eat a frog'? Or two? How'd that work out?

I really try hard not to but here lately I have put off some things in order to accomplish other things I thought was more important at the time. Usually tell myself-might as well do it early and get it done with.

3. If you were going on safari, what is the number one animal you'd want to see?


4. January 21st is National Granola Bar Day. I know. Do you like granola bars? Chewy or crunchy? Your favorite flavor? How about regular granola? Let's exhaust this topic in honor of the holiday okay?

Yes, I like granola bars-chewy.

I put regular granola in my yogurt.

5. If only__________________________________________. 

If-the biggest word in the dictionary. So many ifs....
I guess... If only I could turn back time.

6. You can add one item to your bedroom. What will it be? Keep it family friendly please.

How about darker blinds!  Maybe it is my age but it seems like there is so much light in my bedroom.  When I go to bed it is dark but around 3 or 4 it is daylight!!  

7. What is one thing you've enjoyed about winter thus far? If it's not winter in your corner of the globe, what season is it, and what is something you've enjoyed about whatever season it happens to be?

What winter?  We are experiencing unusually a warm winter, in fact, only a couple of days where the mercury plunged and only a trace of snow.  I wouldn't mind having some snow (no electrical problems) and a little cooler temps.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Hub had his oncologist appointment last week-Great Report!  


  1. Its 7am in NY, and I'm wondering where you live that it's daylight at 3/4am? I would definitely go crazy with our bright exposure too, but we have blackout curtains and I have my sleepmask for that reason.And... good news is always great news!


    1. Live in Virginia but our blinds aren't what I want them to be--Definitely let too much light in.

  2. It's 14 degrees here this morning with a chance of snow later today. We have had a 'milder' winter in that we haven't had the crazy snow like last year, but still very cold temps. I like a little bit of winter so wouldn't mind a snow day. I think a storm is coming Saturday, so maybe. So happy your hubs got a good report!

  3. We have a sliding glass door off of our bedroom which has nothing on it because we love our view at night. Of course that means I am usually up with the sun!

  4. No real winter weather here and I'm perfectly fine with it! Such awesome news about your hubby!

  5. I agree with you on Idol. I liked the old judges better, still don't get why Randy had to leave.

  6. Good news about your husband! a leopard would be amazing to see.

  7. Awesome about your Hubby!!!! Love both the songs you mentioned, great songs of worship!

    I do not like winter at all, so missing the cold would be great with me. :o))


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