Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekend Rewind....

Weekend Rewind....

Friday evening hub grilled out.  The weather was a little rainy but the temperature was still quite warm-for December that is.  So hub grilled out, and we enjoyed a nice, relaxing evening at home.

Saturday, I did a little Christmas shopping.  I don't know, but now that daughters are older, I have a hard time buying gifts for them.  Both say it is okay to give them money, but I still want something special for them or a least something they have to unwrap. Plus both daughters have birthdays right after Christmas-Dec. 26 and Dec. 30th   so...if anyone has suggestions please let me know because for some reason I am really stumped this year!

Finished decorating the lawn-yippee!!

Attended a Christmas Dinner-which was nice.

Listened to grandson play the bells on Sunday evening....a special treat!

Now I must get ready for the week ahead.

Wishing all a great week and Enjoy Life.

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