Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Rewind...Take Two....

Weekend Rewind....Take Two--
Darn-- hit the publish button instead of the save button!!

Last weekend/week was a busy one and wasn't able to blog about my weekend or week.  

Last weekend, grandson, graduated from his pre-school Sunday School Class.  He will be entering kindergarten in the fall.

He also began going to Children's Church-leaving Wee Worship (sniff, sniff).  After church, we headed to buy him a new bicycle.

We rode around the block and just had to stop at the library.  He mentioned that I had not signed him up for the Summer Reading Program.

I said I would and just now realized as I was writing this blog, that I hadn't.  I will definitely add this to my to do list.

Friday, June 6th was the last day for students in my district.  This past week, I began carrying in boxes to pack up my room for the summer.

It is a chore packing up my room.  Every year I vow not to bring so much to school, but every year I do!
The ending of school is full of mixed emotions for me.  I am relieved of not grading any more papers, writing lesson plans, attending meetings (which I will have to attend workshops this summer), choosing clothes to wear (I find it easier to have my outfits picked out the night before), or follow a schedule-so YIPPEE!!  But the beginning of summer -I worry-I worry about the children I have taught-all they okay? do they have something to eat? do they have a place to sleep? are they being safe?  so I worry. Can't help it-I do, and I honestly don't think I will change.

This past week-we celebrating a colleague who has taught for 40+years.  He has been next door to me for many years.  Eighth grade teachers decided to give him a special dinner on Tuesday.  By special I mean-his favorite foods for lunch without him knowing it.  This almost didn't happen because he left to pick-up his daughter during his lunch time-But it all worked out in the end.

I do wish him a Happy Retirement.  Even though he uses me as an example when he teaches about the Doppler Effect (he hears me walking down the hall), I am gonna miss him.  That's another thing about school-I do miss my colleagues over the summer-I think of my colleagues as my extended family.

Headed to Roanoke over the weekend.  Daughter is on rotation and hub and I thought we should check on her apartment-make sure all was okay.  We took grandson with us and picked up daughter on our way.
Grandson loves daughter's apartment-especially the playground area.

We took him to Barnes & Nobles on Saturday.  He loves going to bookstores-hum...wonder why?
Later, I coaxed him into doing some shopping-not his 'cup of tea,'  Thankful for the train inside the mall.
Wonder why they didn't have this when my daughters were little?  I just had to drag them along while they both protested!!

It is a two day work week for me.  Teachers have two days to work after the students have left for the summer.  People ask what do you do when the students have left--no one can ever imagine unless you are a teacher.  Believe me there is plenty of work to do as I close another school year!

Wishing all a great week!


  1. We've been out for a few weeks already; I've been catching up on housework & reading.
    What a cutie your grandson is!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about plenty of work left to do! Enjoy your summer :)


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