Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind..

A gorgeous, sunshiny, warm weekend in my neck of the woods.

My church held an Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday.  We had over 3000+ eggs to hide.  I began hiding eggs at 11 for the children.  The egg hunt began at 1:00.
Many people came...

there was free food/drinks

many prizes to give away--tickets were inside some of the eggs and you exchanged your ticket for a prize

and of course the Easter Bunny!

There was three different age groups:  the 4 and under

the 5-7 age group

and the 8 -10 and up age group.

What took hours to hide the eggs- ended in a few short minutes!!  Photo

I had to have my pic with the Easter Bunny!!

After the egg hunt, I went to watch little man play T-Ball.  This is such a fun age to watch.  All run around and kick the dirt and have a great time.  There is no harsh yelling at any umpires-heck there are no umpires with T-Ball!  All get to bat and no one is ever out!  Just to watch them try to field the ball and they think they have the ball in their glove, but the ball keeps rolling and rolling across the field-wish I could capture the look on their faces!  When the game is over all are smiling!  Now this is priceless!

Later that evening, we built a fire in our fireplace outside and made S'mores.  I did not eat any because I have given up chocolate (Lent).  I have never done this before-observe giving up something for Lent.  This year another teacher and I decided to do this.  It has made me stop and really observe and pay attention to the fact how much Jesus gave up for us.  Everyday I have been tempted to give in because I really love chocolate candy!  Even grandson bought me a cup of M & M's.  I have these hid away in my cabinet.  It was such a lovely evening to a perfect day.

Hub goes for his check-up tomorrow with the oncologist.  Asking prayers for a great report.  I get nervous every time he goes.

Have a great rest of the week.
We sung this song at church tonight and I keep humming this in my head as I write this post.
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