Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind....

Not official, but we opened!!

Friday evening after the first home football game, hub and I decided to open our coffee shop.  Daughter, Amanda, had done a trial run with coffee on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday-bringing free coffee to teachers and bus drivers in Chilhowie-(great idea, right?)  and she told all we were going to have the coffee shop open after the game on Friday.  Friday was so hot that our school district decided to dismiss two hours earlier-heat and coffee-hum...  Friday was the 'big game' school rivalry football game.  We rolled the dice and just decided to open.-our open sign has not arrived but..what the heck was my thinking.  Truly surprised be the turnout-especially since the football game went in overtime.  Many were amazed at the work we had done on the building and were impressed.  Coffee and cake were a hit!  Me, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole night-the conversation, taking orders, fixing coffee, and even cleaning up!!

Saturday was a fun-filled day. First was our annual Shaker Reunion-always nice.  The weather cooperated-not to hot.  Later that evening was our church's Back to School Bash.  This event is filled with games for the little ones, cheap food (hot dogs only 25 cents, and a drink for a 50 cents-can't beat that price.  We also give school supplies away-great news for parents.  (Have you had to purchase school supplies lately-takes a chuck out of a paycheck now days)  Our church had the SOAR Team from Liberty University come.  This is a group of Christian athletes who do many, many amazing tricks with a basketball.  This group was phenomenal.

Please excuse the picture taken-that would be me-but I hope you can see how amazing these young men were.

I have written before about my little Wee Worship (ages 3-4) group I teach on Sunday mornings.  We finished our study on the Armor of God and I just had to post some pictures.

Truly and blessed by these little ones every Sunday.

After church, despite the rain, I attended the Fourth Annual Muck Dam Kids Reunion.

We all grew up on the Muck Dam-formally know as Perryville.  Our houses were all torn down because of Olin polluting the water.  Each year (past 4) we have a reunion thanks to a very special person for organizing the event-Thanks-Tuffy!  Many have moved away but all come home for this special day.  Great food, friendship, laughter, and memories.  I can't think of a better way to end the summer.


  1. Congratulations on the coffee shop!

  2. How exciting....I wish you all the best!
    Those boys with the basketball hoop are pretty amazing.


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