Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend Rewind

Productive weekend in the Doane's house.

Friday I was able to do a 'little' house cleaning.  Just a little cleaning while hub was helping announce a high school football scrimmage.  It is that time of year again-time for football.  I was able to do some cleaning on the house.  This was okay especially when I had the house to myself for a change-easier to clean with everyone out and busy with their own activities.

Saturday, I attended a baby shower for one of my former teacher's daughter.  It was more like a teacher reunion than a baby shower. The mother to be was beautiful-as always-just hard seeing her all grown  up. Great conversation, memories, and food what a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

After the shower, hub and I went to purchase some more stuff for our coffee shop.  We plan on opening in two weeks--Yikes!   I was getting a little nervous not having things done-on my own timetable-so I warned hub what was in store for him when I returned home. Hub was a real trooper through it all.  I am a list maker and I had to have so many items checked off before I would quit!  Thankful hub didn't mind going from store to store until I was satisfied with the purchases.  Did I mention I had drunk a ton of coffee at the baby shower so I had very high energy levels.

After church on Sunday, I marched my family to the coffee shop and began giving orders.  I think I am a drill  sergeant when it comes to getting things done.  Not good for one to expect to sit around with me in charge-no way.  Pictures were hung, tables cleaned, stuff put away in storage, walls decorated, and jars cleaned.  Yeah-very productive in a few hours.

Then I made another list.-- 28 items for hub to do this week.  Hub looked at the list and said no problem.  (ahem)  Time will tell.

I did survive the first two days of school!  Now if I can survive the first full week of school-with bus duty week!

Have a great week.

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  1. You're opening a coffee shop on top of teacher? Wow!


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