Monday, March 18, 2013


On Saturday, family had a birthday party to attend for a cousin who was turning two.  As it usually seems, we rush out the door at the last minute.

At the back of our house, we built a little 'mud room' .  Now it is mainly a toy room for grandson but we still have our snow shoes out there-about 7 pairs to be exact with two pairs of flip-flops that belong to daughters.  When we returned home, from the birthday party-in unison daughters and I said-"Somebody has been here!"  All of the shoes were tied together and in the middle of the floor.  A broom and the snow shovel was beside the door.  Daughters and I just stood there staring at the shoes in the middle of the floor.  Hub walks up and says what happened here?  "We don't know" was our reply,  We unlock the main door and go inside the house.  We all then began thinking who would pull this prank, and we knew it had to be someone who knew we were gone for a while-it did take a while to tie the shoes together. After much discussion we knew the culprit so we called the person.  Wrong this person was in Roanoke.  Oh well, was our thought.

The weather was a little chilly-cool breeze for a light jacket-so went went outside-just to walk around the yard.  As we headed out the door, this strange car pulls up-who is that?  Out walked a friend I haven't seen in over two years!!  He was laughing and smiling.  Yep, he pulled the prank. He was just passing through and remembered where I lived and wanted to visit for a while,  :)

I can surely handle this kinda prank.


  1. Oh, how neat! I'd say that kind of prank is the best kind!

  2. I like the kind of prank that are no-mess : )


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