Monday, July 16, 2012


Hub wanted to get away for a few we left Thursday.  We headed to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for a little 'down time.'

The weather has been extremely hot and I do believe it can make a person a little cranky.  We both decided on Tuesday to try and get a few days alone.  Both girls are back home-after college-#1 doing rotations and #2 trying to get in grad school and I have kept grandson this summer.  We all went to the beach in June and had a wonderful time, but sometimes one needs to just get away for a few days.

Hub cannot go to Pigeon Forge without eating at Blue Moose.  This place is famous for burgers and wings.  This was our first stop.

I love the dill pickle chips and cold beer!

Then we drove into Gatlinburg.  I was so amazed how crowded it was.  In fact it was more crowded than Myrtle Beach.
Next a little shopping and then some relaxing.

Gazing at the mountains is so magnificent!  It had been raining and the fog was lifting.  I can sit for hours here and be very content.  It did take some coaxing from hub for me to get up and get moving.

We stopped by the Farmer's Market and ..,,,,,

Guess what I will be having for dinner in a couple of days!

Hub also had to purchase some

Strawberry flavor...hum guess it might taste good..

We are planning on going back to Pigeon Forge the first week in August and bringing grandson. So I am gearing up for an exhaustively time with him.

Speaking of grandson-his father was in a golf tournament this weekend so we kept him Saturday and Sunday.  We took him to a small carnival in town on Saturday night.  I remember when carnivals were so big and rides costs 25 cents. 

Sunday night our 'little children's group' made pretzels to show how one can pray-crossing arms  The children enjoyed this and it lasted longer than anticipated.

Window cleaning is calling me---have put this off long enough. Count down is on----:( only 3 weeks left of my summer vacation!
Enjoy your week!


  1. Awwwww, darling photos of your grandson having a wonderful time, and some very memorable moments. I too could sit and look at that view of the mountains and fog lifting [fog is a favorite weather phenomenon for me]. And going to the farmer's market...yep, that's for me too. Burgers, dill chips and icy cold beer....oh be still my heart.

    But, you really put a damper on my visit, just the mention of window cleaning. Ugh.

  2. Glad you got away...we don't spend much time in PF...mostly just hang out in the mountains in Townsend. I love it there.


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