Sunday, March 18, 2012

Whew.....after much rain and wind I am amazed they are still standing.  Our weather, like many other places I am sure of, has sure been crazy.  These are outside of my window at school. 
Beautiful-aren't they? 

Both daughters have been home for spring break-not together, I might add.  But the weather was nice for both!!  #1 daughter wasn't ready to return to pharmacy school-wanted just a few more days.  #2 daughter was actually bored-hum.....

School is really keeping me busy and I have missed blogging. This time of year is so nerve wrecking-way too much paper work!  I can't believe we get a spring break and out in May!!!  This has never happened in all my years of teaching.

Many teachers are making plans-beach trips, Florida get-a-ways and even trips to Italy!  Me?  I plan on doing nothing.  I just want to get up on no schedule, eat on no schedule and do absolutely Nothing!
Hub and both daughters say--Mom we know you will do something, you just don't sit.  Who knows?
I can't wait to find out!!

Have a good week-

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