Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday's Hodgepodge

1. Would you rather be seen as a person who did their duty or forged their own path?
Probably both to some extent.  I do what is my responsibility to do-or I try to do what is expected because it is the right thing to do.....But---I do like to forge my own path-follow my dreams.......who knows....

2. This week's Wednesday Hodgepodge happens to fall on Groundhog's Day. In keeping with that theme, if you could have a do-over of any one day out of the last seven, which day would it be and why. If you haven't seen the movie Groundhog Day this question will make absolutely no sense but that's can answer anyway.
Well I haven't seen the movie, but I would definitely do over last Saturday.  My daughter plays basketball and I make a 'fool' out of myself at her ballgames.  I cannot sit still and not yell, I mean I REALLY YELL!!!!
I would do this day over and eat many, many suckers (blow-pops) to keep my mouth shut--but honestly this wouldn't help!!!!!!

You thought my question was going to be weather related didn't you?
Since you are experiencing blizzard conditions, YEP!!

3. Hot cocoa...yay or nay on the marshmallows?
Let's just say more marshmallows than hot cocoa.  I am not a fan of hot cocoa.

4. Do you wear makeup every day? What are the top two must haves in your daily makeup routine?
Wouldn't leave the house without it.  I would not want to scare anyone I face.  I must have foundation and lip color.  These two are a must.

5. Is it more important to you in a relationship to be loved or understood?
More important for me to be loved.  When loved a person understands you.  Sometimes it is difficult for a person to understand you, but if he/she loves you then that person also understands you.  Does this make sense?  Real love is understanding.  Just because you understand that person does this mean love-or is it because you accept the way that person is and move on.......

6. Parsley sage rosemary or thyme... your favorite?
I hate to admit this, but.....since I am not the cook in my family--what is parsley, sage. rosemary, or thyme?  I might have put parsley on lasagna once!  I don't know.

7. What do you do when you feel angry?
SLAM and POUT.  When very angry one knows because I slam doors, cabinets, anything that will make a noise.  I get my anger out this way.  I don't want to hurt someone's feelings by the tone of my voice, so I just slam-this way I hurt no one.  Afterwards I feel much better.  I also pout if angry at my spouse.  He knows not to speak to me and eventually I get over it.  Again no harsh words are spoken so no one is really hurt by my anger.

8. Random thoughts:  I loved Saturday (Jan. 29th).  It was  61 degrees as I watched my daughter play basketball in Kentucky.  Yes, my husband and I drove 9 hrs. to watch her play. Even if I did make a fool of myself by yelling-what is a mother to do??????
Then I enjoyed my Sunday with my oldest daughter sitting in the sunshine with 63 degree weather before she had to leave to go back to pharmacy school.
I had a fantastic weekend-it just ended too soon.

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