Sunday, January 23, 2022

Embrace MawMaw


Embrace my new name...

A few days ago I was able to embrace my adorable grandsons.  I love these boys to pieces.

They do bring me such joy in a time when I really need to find joy. 

These two are ready to eat.  When they say the word, "eat" you better have their food ready or it is a meltdown getting ready to happen. I helped daughter get their lunch ready and we all sat down to eat..and talk.  With me, it was mostly talk!  We talked about their days, what had they been doing, etc.  Somehow the conversation got around to talking about names.  I said my name was Tammy.  The twins tried saying Tammy (with a mouth full of food!) and then they would look at me and just smile from ear to ear. This little guy pipes up

and he says, "Your name aint Tammy it is MawMaw."  Trying to explain this...well it went right over his head.  In his little eyes, I was only MawMaw.  This name cracks me up because I tell daughter I don't look like a Maw.  When I hear the word, Maw, I picture in my head a little ole lady ,wearing a long dress with an apron ,and her gray hair in a bun. But, I started thinking, so what, my image is completely different from theirs.  I am a MawMaw.  I am going to embrace this new name and smile.