Sunday, October 21, 2018

National Book Month

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National Book Month is October.... Now if I were still teaching, I would have remembered that!!  I remember doing much for the students during the month of October...character dress up day is one that comes to my mind.  The students would dress up in their favorite book character and parade the hallways.  After reading a particular novel, the students would portray that character in front of the class.  When the SOL's (Standards of Learning Test) came around, teachers neglected much of these activities to cover so much material the students would be tested on..(sigh)

Sadly, I must admit, I have not done much reading (for enjoyment that is) this year.  Dealing with hub's cancer for the second time, I have read much research on his cancer.  There seems to always be a cure, BUT the FDA hasn't approved it...that is how the story goes. 

I became a Mammow in January!!  March I began keeping my this cutie pie.
My reading has been Peppa Pig books...He loves Peppa Pig!  Naturally, I read to him my favorite book...Love You Forever even though he usually becomes squirmish half-way through.
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I read this book to both of my daughters, also.  

Daughter #1 got married a few weeks ago.
My readings consisted of things related to bridal 'stuff'.   

I have been able to squeeze in a few books of my own chosing. Yay...for me!  Finally got around to reading The Client by John Grisham, Night Road by Kristin Hannah (she was one of my favorite authors for a long time), Winners by Danielle Steel, but my favorite book so far has been Rush by Lisa Patton.  Currently, I am reading The Hideaway by Lauren Denton.  I do enjoy reading...a means of escape for me.  Just for a little while, I can escape the troubles and drama that seems to be going around me. 

This week the local elementary school is celebrating Eat With Someone Grand.  Grandparents are encouraged to come to the school (designated time and date) and eat with his/her grandchild.  Also it is Book Fair Week!! reckon because grandparents cannot say no to buying their grandchild some books???  I plan on going tomorrow and Wednesday and most definitely will spend a few (more like a lot) of money on books they choose to buy.

Tuesday, hub and I head to Duke.  He hasn't been feeling well and has started some swelling.  Duke plans on doing a CT Scan to see what is going on.  If you have a few minutes will you say a prayer for him...I am a little concerned...well, more like a lot concerned.  This cancer journey is scary. Thanks.

Have a Blessed Week...
Enjoy Life...and if you have time Enjoy Reading.

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