Sunday, March 26, 2017

First Round

First Round

Hub's first round of chemo was Tuesday-Thursday.  On Tuesday he went for 6 hours of chemo and then he is hooked up to a mobile chemo pump that goes for 46 hrs. straight. Ya'll that is some harsh chemo.
I stayed with him on Tuesday, well I did sneak upstairs to a shoe sale going on.  Daughter #1 stands from 8-7 five days a week and then on Saturday.  Even though there is a mat, she still says her feet her.  The shoes were for nurses to wear and the nurses said daughter would really love a pair.  The nurses also assured me hub would be okay.  One nurse even walked with me to the shoe sale.  I bought daughter two pairs...a hit too for she fell in love with both styles I chose for her.
Hub was all smiles when I showed him the purchase....BUT not the price ha!

Hub finished the treatment, was hooked up to the pump, instructions were given (hygiene care, clothes washing, and he had to drink 3 quarts of liquid daily),and we headed home. Tuesday evening and night was pretty good.  His appetite was still pretty good.  He slept good....he slept in the recliner and I slept on the couch.

Wednesday, hub and I took a walk in the gym at our church.  He wanted to keep his stamina up.  A decrease of appetite this day and not drinking very much. Wednesday night still doing fair.

Thursday---was a different story.  I had remembered being told that the third day was the worst...but nothing could compare me for what happened.  Hub woke up nauseous, and he tried to eat a little. I told him to hold on that it was only a few more hours and the chemo pump would come off.  We left the house around 11:30 and by the time I got to the Cancer Center hub was too weak to walk and he was very, very nauseous.  I got hub inside and the nurses put him in a wheel chair.  As they began rolling him back to the room, hub broke out in a cold sweat and his blood pressure dropped.  The doctor was called and hub was taken to the ER. I didn't like the ER with all the flu still raging here...but hub was given a mask and a room shortly. Test were run and fluids were given.  Me, I was a nervous wreck-scared too death and trying to hold back the tears. I did cry while hub was given tests. Results....either he had a reaction to the chemo or the chemo inflamed the mass. Ya'll that is some harsh chemo! Hub started coming back to normal...whatever that is after receiving chemo and left for home.

He has been very weak. On Saturday he started eating and drinking a little....small steps.  Today, Sunday, he wanted to go to church and I said only if he wore his mask...which he did.  He says he has felt better today and has ate better.

This first round was a tough one....some harsh chemo ya'll.  Was I scared?   Scared couldn't even touch how I was feeling.  Joshua 1:9   I knew God was with me.

We see hub's oncologist tomorrow. But right now round one is over!  Prayers for easier rounds as we fight this battle of cancer. #noonefightsalone

Have a Blessed Week and Enjoy Life!

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  1. Chemo will knock you down for sure, but just keep thinking of it taking down those nasty cancer cells too! Stay strong and positive, we're all praying for you! <3


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