Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What do/did you call your grandparents? If it's something unusual tell us the story behind the name. If you're a grandparent what do your grands call you? Who chose your moniker? 
Image result for mamaw and papaw

I called them Mamaw and Papaw.  I have two  step-grandsons and they call me Mamaw.  No one really chose these...just started using.

2. Ever taken a road trip along the California Coast? If so what was the highlight of your trek? If not, any desire to do so? If you were to take a trip along the California Coast what's one attraction you'd have on your must-see list?

Never taken a road trip along the California Coast, and I have no desire.  I imagine I would ride with the top down as I drive seeing Santa Barbara down to San Diego.

3. What are three things you don't know how to do?

Use a sewing maching, knit, and swim (swim I will save for another topic), and computers-technology is faster than me!

4. Tom Peters is quoted as saying, 'Celebrate what you want to see more of.' If that's true what will you celebrate and more importantly, how will you celebrate?

Life is hard, and life throws curveballs at us.  But I try to tell myself to think positive and quit looking for something to go wrong.
Like my title....Enjoy Life.....Enjoy each day....heck with my age, each day is a blessing in itself.  Take the time to enjoy the sunset, the sunrise, the laughter of a child, etc.

5. Thursday (February 16) is National Almond Day. Do you like almonds? Which would you prefer-an Almond Joy or a macaron? What's something you make that calls for almonds?

I love almonds......

Image result for almond joy

The last time I used almonds was at Christmas.....I made a Mamaw Pie a co-worker had given me this recipe....Man so delicious and full of calories!

6. What does Saturday morning look like at your house?

That depends.....if I have worked that week, I usually try to do some cleaning and picking up.  If I had not worked then it is just a lazy day till hub gets home.  Hub and I usually try to go out for dinner or take in a movie.

7. Share with us a favorite book you've read this winter.

My college room mate and sorority sister has written....Watching the Water

Image result for Watching the Water novel by Donna Gentry Morton

A great read.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Not much going on in 'my neck of the woods' except for this C-R-A-Z-Y weather.  Snowing some today and weekend temps in the 70s.
Wishing all a Blessed Week!


  1. I enjoyed reading your Hodgepodge and Watching the Water sounds like a great read.

  2. Hi - enjoyed your post. I'm visiting all the blogs on the list. Fun.

  3. So excited for Donna! We're having beautiful weather, and I'm not missing the snow at all : )


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