Monday, November 28, 2016

Just tid bits

Just some tid bits......

We (hub, oldest daughter and I) spent our Thanksgiving delivery food to those less fortunate than we.  This has been our Thanksgiving for many, many years.  Youngest daughter was unable to be with us because of work, but as she says Mom people still need me on Thanksgiving....

The weather cooperated this year.  Some chill in the air but heck it is November, right?
The trunk of our van was loaded....H stands for the hot meal and C stands for in desserts.  We delivered for around two hours.

After delivering the food, hub and I ate at the church....great fellowship.

We had to stop by and see this 'little fellow'.

This is oldest daughter's little Molly.

I did manage to put up some Christmas decorations.

My favorite tree.

Have a Blessed Week.

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