Sunday, October 16, 2016


 Happy Fall Ya'll

We are still experiencing warm temperatures with very little rain, but the trees are beginning to change.  I always thought in order for trees to change color the temperature must drop...below 40 at least.  Well, so far our temps have been very warm and the leaves are changing.  God has other plans.

Today was a gorgeous day and hub and I planned to take full advantage of it.  With a little coaxing from me, hub and I ventured on a short go across Backbone Rock.  In my younger days, I remember going on picnics here and climbing across the rock that went across the main highway.  Hub said he hadn't been across Backbone Rock in 50 today was the day.

We both enjoyed the climb....but don't remember being so tired...thankful for the benches along the path to stop and catch our breaths. There are other things I didn't remember like there is now railing up...didn't remember the rails....or the nice walkway once one reached the top, or how scary it was to be looking down on the road.

We made it to the top!!!

Just a few stops needed on the way down....

Just listening to the peaceful.

The water was cool...hub had to still had to get in didn't you?  Why of course!

There was many changes since the last few decades, but one thing didn't change...God's magnificence!

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  1. So pretty! It's been really dry here too, and we need some rain. Hopefully not on moving day though : )


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