Monday, September 12, 2016

Hello There

Hello There!

I have been a tensy bit busy--yes I am retired gets busy some days.
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Last week  I worked as a kindergarten teacher for three days!!  Going from 8th grade to that is a plunge!  Hats off to all kindergarten teachers.  I did enjoy the three days, but I was exhausted.

Finally getting use to my new surroundings....when moving and trying to find where I have I put things...this is a chore!

I haven't gotten back into my walking.  Last night, I told myself today would be the day.  Guess what?  didn't maybe tomorrow BUT when I looked at my calendar it is jammed packed from 9-4 and then at 6:30 I have a meeting to attend.  I do want to get back in the swing of walking because I do feel better but I can't seem to get back in the groove.

Like to introduce all to the newest member of our family:

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Meet Molly....this is #1 daughter's Yorkie...and the cutest 'little thing'. Trying to talk hub into me having day.

Until next time...
Enjoy your week and Enjoy Life!

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  1. Yes those early weeks of kindergarten are exhausting! The pup is so cute : ) Hubs is working on me to add a dog, but I'm not there yet. We shall see.


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