Monday, August 8, 2016

Some Happenings

Some happenings this past few days.

First stop:

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Raleigh, North Carolina
Daughter attended a trade show and I went with her for the weekend.  I do not know much about the pharmacy business, but the Mutual Drug Company treats everyone like family.  I must admit, I am so proud of daughter's accomplishments because it warms my heart to hear people brag about her and what a fine job she is doing.  

Second stop:

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Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

After returning home on Sunday evening, hub and I took grandson to Pigeon Forge on Tuesday.  First I need to say it was hot!!!  

We played Mini Golf
Glad I took picture before playing if not we all three would have looked like we had just come out of a sauna!
Rode bumper cars

Hub and grandson rode go karts.  Grandson is still not tall enough to ride by himself so I volunteered hub to ride with him! Watching them ride I am glad I volunteered hub because some of the adults take go kart riding too seriously for me.

Played games in the arcade

Yep, the big winner.  Grandson put four tokens in and won 1,000 tickets on the first try!!  

Third stop:

Image result for dollywood theme park

We spent two days at Dollywood Theme Park

So many rides to ride.
So happy he could ride by himself.
I like going to some of the shows,but with a young boy excited to get on rides, it is hard to do it all.

The picture is blurry---I am blaming it on my sweaty palms but I paid this nice young fellow to win a basketball for grandson.  Hub had tried winning....but just couldn't.  When grandson was on a ride, I was watching this young man shoot basketball. The boy couldn't miss!!  I walked over and asked him (he was standing with his mom) if he would shoot the basketball for my grandson.  I paid him and told him No Pressue!! yeah right?  The first shot he took the ball went in.  After grandson got through riding the boy presented the ball to him.  Both boys were happy!

Love this picture.

One of hub's favorite places to eat is the Blue Moose.  It is just a simple hamburger and wings place.  Grandson and hub gets to watch television-sports I need to add and enjoy a simple meal.

Our short trip ended on Friday.  We headed home this being the fastest four days ever!  Grandson was leaving on Friday heading to Destine, Florida with his dad and younger brother.

Saturday, I planned on packing up a few things...we are moving but I just wasn't in the mood.  I think one has to be in the mood to pack, don't you?  I have now told hub that I would start packing up a few things this Saturday (August 14th).  School begins Wednesday in my county and I have been asked to sub the first few days so I need to rest Monday and Tuesday to get ready for Wednesday!  Summer seems to go by faster and faster.

Until next time....Enjoy Life.

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  1. Hubs job is based in Raleigh and I like the downtown. Some great places to eat : )


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