Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Graduation Weekend

Graduation Weekend

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Youngest daughter graduated this weekend...a two day celebration!

Hub and I left early Friday morning; we never arrive late...as a matter of fact we are usually a good hour to 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  A good thing we left early because we liked to have never found a parking place.

The conference room was set up beautifully.  Daughter and her hub had not arrived yet..so hub and I found the perfect table and met some interesting parents who had also arrived early.

Daughter and hub arrived, but we had to change tables-a different story.
The ceremony began.  According to the department chair this was the first time that 26 students had started in the DPT program and 26 students finished!  This says a lot about the program and the students' dedication.

The students received their white coat and pin.  The department chair put the white coat on and daughter's husband pinned the pin.  I video this section.

Daughter is the one standing behind the girl with the glasses on.
Couldn't capture all the students.

Hub and I are very proud of her accomplishment!

After the white coat and pinning ceremony, a slide show was shown.  A couple of students said something about each classmate.  Lots of chuckles (inside jokes only the classmates understood) and laughs.

Later that evening was the hooding ceremony.  I cry every time I hear bagpipes, and I love hearing the bagpipes. It was very difficult for me to capture the moment in pictures, thankfully I can purchase pictures!

On Saturday we had to return for the awarding of the diploma.

Daughter with my mom before heading to meet her group.

It is official....Introducing Dr. Emily Doane Waugh!

Another chapter is closing, but I know there is more to this story.....

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