Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Happenings

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Hope all had a wonderful Easter!

On Thursday, daughter had a check up with surgeon.  Everything is going as planned!  Great News!  She finally slept in a bed on Saturday night for the first progress is being made.

A few of my favorite little boys spent Thursday afternoon with me.  We enjoyed some Wii time and baseball time.  It was a beautiful afternoon.

What is a baseball game without sunflower seeds?

A little break in the action....

I enjoyed the afternoon...just playing.

Spent most of the morning on Saturday preparing Easter dinner and Easter baskets. I usually get the boys a book for Easter, and this year was no different.

Later that afternoon, hub and I visited the cemeteries of my dad and his parents.

Easter service at church was so touching.  Easter is HOPE in a world where there is so much pain.  After church, our dinner table was not as large as it has been.  Oldest daughter went to eat with boyfriend's parents.  Youngest daughter and her hub ate with us.

Hub's son did not bring the boys down to get their Easter baskets.  Hub's son is living with a woman who has been in prison, gave up two of her children, a stalker,  and just a person we are not fond of.  We try to turn the other way..and we have gone out of our way because of the boys...but we do not allow step-son's lady friend in our house. Shew!  a lot going on here...and a lot of worry. My prayer is that step-son will eventually turn his life around...hub says when one is 38 (almost 39) he feels that it is a lost cause. 

Later that evening, hub and I attended an Easter play.  I didn't want to sit around the house and just mope around...A good choice on my part.  The Easter play was very moving...and a couple of times I wiped the tears from my eyes.  Hub and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening.

Just finished my morning felt so good to be walking again.  Now time to get some things tidied up around here.

Have a Blessed Week.

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