Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekend Rewind...with a week recap

Weekend Rewind...with a week recap

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Hub and I returned on Tuesday from our little get-a-way.  The weather was quite chilly, but enjoyed getting away for a few days.

School started back Monday and at first I didn't miss it much but I received some texts from co-workers and then I begin thinking wondering what my students were doing.  Hub reminded me they weren't my students anymore; they will always be my students and even those who have graduated were still my students.  Anyway, I survived the first day of not going back to school with help from hub and a few drinks....and shopping!

Wednesday, I began my morning walk.  Hub and I got up at 5:30 and went to church.  We have a gym inside our church and our preacher walks every morning at 5:30 and left it unlocked for us.  By Friday, I didn't want to get out of bed but I knew if I skipped one day I would not keep up the routine. It did feel good walking early in the morning;not rushed to try and walk in the evenings.

There is a sweet 8 year old girl, who I taught in Wee Worship at church, who is battling cancer.  My little community has  rallied behind her in so many ways.  Friday was pink day.  The students/teachers/staff at all three schools were asked to wear pink and the businesses in my community volunteered to do the same.

Our Pharmacy did the same.  
Little man had his hair pink for the day.

I can't imagine what this family is going through.  I pray for this little girl and her family daily. Sometimes I wish I lived in a bigger city, but there are times like this when living in small community has its perks.

The weather has turned cooler, finally.  As a matter of fact a few snow flurries were around today after church.  The weather has been so warm I didn't think the cool air was coming...and now it has.

Wishing all a great week and Enjoy Life.


  1. I'll add the little girl to my list. It is heartbreaking to see anyone go through that, much less a child. :(
    Good for you for getting that exercise in every day! Keep it up!


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