Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend Rewind....

Weekend Rewind....

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Actually a little bit of my retirement week, first!

This was my last week of school.  As of Friday, December 18th , I began my next chapter in my life...retirement.  I know it hasn't really sunk in, because I have always been excited about the last day before Christmas vacation....always looking forward to those few weeks off...I know reality will hit on January 4, 2016 when I see those school buses go by my house and I am not rushing out the door with school bag and coffee in hand.  I plan on giving it a few weeks before really thinking about what I want to do.

My fellow teachers surprised me with an amazing luncheon on Wednesday.  Now,I am very hard to keep a secret from, but they did.  I was surprised...and since all three grade levels (6th-8th) eat at different times,,,I ate with each grade level -beginning at 11:15 till 1:00  I ATE!!  Hub joined me at 12:30 which was also a surprise for me.  I worked with an amazing staff, who I will truly miss.

I was also given the honorary title of Duchess from the Kingdom of North Sudan--a fellow teacher purchased this section of land..what an honor.

Many cards and notes from the students will always be a reminder of what a great job I had for 33 years.  Sometimes we (teachers) don't realize all the many times we have truly touched someone's life.

Hub and I took grandson to the Barter Theatre on Sunday to see 'Frosty'. He saw some of his friends and a couple of times I did sneak a smile out of him. The actors, at the end of the show, greet the children on the way out of the theatre.  They say something that is related to the play....amazes me.

He is so excited about being out of school for a couple of weeks. I wanted him to spend the night, but he wouldn't.  My heart broke, but I know it is probably a phase...I hope so where he does not want to spend the night with us, but go home.

Last Saturday, I did participate in my first 5K and I placed second in my age group! Woohoo for me!

I am ready for Christmas...and ready to begin all the baking, but with this very unseasonable warm temps,,,it is been hard to get in the spirit of things..even with me listening to Christmas music.  I can't ever remember temps in the 60's to 70's during Christmas time!

Wishing all fellow bloggers a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Happy Retirement! I hope you enjoy every minute! Wishing you guys a Merry Christmas!


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