Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend Rewind...

Weekend Rewind....

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I can't believe March is marching right on by....where have I been?  Little bit of this and that..

It sure has been Crazy around here.

I haven't been able to blog for a couple of weeks.  Not only have I been buried in school paperwork, class paperwork, wedding stuff, but I have kept these two for a few days...

School has been in state testing mode for the past week, and now we are getting ready for more county wide assessments--.  As an educator, I know assessments are important but there are so many other ways to test a student's knowledge than constantly giving computerized testing.  There was a saying I saw on a T-Shirt that read-Those who can Teach and those who can't pass laws on testing!  Totally agree!

March has been designated as Reading Month and grandson's school has had some neat Friday dress days-
Crazy hair day
 Cape Day

just a few-but I have enjoyed seeing grandson theme on Friday.  This past Friday was Super Hero Day-don't have a pic but he was Spider Man.  Elementary teachers Rock!!

Wedding planning still going on.  Last week daughter had her final fitting.  Hub and I met her on Saturday (along with grandson-because dad was on a golf trip).  I knew grandson would have difficulty staying and watching all the measurements being done on daughter, so I had planned for hub to take grandson to Chuck-E-Cheese.  However, there was a Toys-R-Us store next to the bridal shop!!  Hooray for Toys-R-Us!  The day went much smoother than anticipated.  There is still quite a few things to do.....can't decide on a food for the evening, decorations, music, etc....too much for me to comprehend at the moment.

The class I am taking ends the last of April!!  Yeah for me!  I have enjoyed reading some of the novels and learning new things but will be glad when I can check this off my list.  This time of year is hard enough with IEP's to write, testing to get through, class to finish, and on yeah-a wedding that is the planning.....I feel like I am in a whirlwind and can't stop.

The weather hasn't been too much to brag about.  We have had a couple of warm days so grandson is gearing up for T-Ball

Opening Day is scheduled for April 11th-only hope the air will be a few degrees warmer!  It is hilarious watching this age group. Not a care in the world, just let me hit the ball and run.  Watching them trying to catch is another story.  The ball is hit and all 12 rush to try and get it-it is like watching a swarm of bees!

Yesterday was our Easter Egg Hunt.  A warm 23 degrees with snow falling.  I wish the town would have cancelled but they didn't so this girl stayed home!

Today was Friend Day at church.  First of all, hub and I get there for Sunday School only to find out Sunday School was cancelled due to having Friend Day-we knew that only forgot!  So we had an hour and a half to kill!  I told hub this just goes to show we have too much going on, and we need to just take a step back and breathe for awhile.  Church was packed!! and afterwards we all enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch.  The air was a bit nippy but the sun was shining.

Tomorrow begins my bus duty week.  Right now I am thinking-Shew-if we hadn't missed those snow days, we wold be enjoying Spring Break right about now.  But since we missed those days, no Spring Break for us.

Wishing all a Great Week-Happy Easter, and Enjoy Life!

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