Monday, February 16, 2015

Hello Out There Take TWO

Yep, I hit publish instead of save earlier....

I usually recap my weekend and week  but was kinda busy last night so....I have opted for this--

Hello Out There

We have had a very mild winter.  The temps have been warmish and no snow.  Usually we have missed around 10 school days by now.  So now it begins to snow....

and the temps have plummeted!!

I have a Kindergartener who loves to read!!  I am so thrilled about this.

He is in the accelerator reading program.  There are some days when he dislikes reading (as all kids do) but mostly he enjoys it.

He was also chosen Valentine King of his class...
I just love the smile on his face!

Our county is closed today so I have had these two at my house....

I have a feeling they may spend the night tonight.....

This weekend I purchased my mother-of-the  bride dress.  Glad I was able to find what I like-well, I found more than one dress I liked but....when trying them on-there was only a couple that I felt comfortable in.  Daughter was relieved--one less thing to stress over.  We have also booked the church and the country club so slowly but surely things are getting done-HA!

Little one is getting up....all stay warm and be careful if traveling.....


  1. What color is your dress? Are you wearing long or short? What color is your daughter using in her day? It feels good to tick things off the very long to-do list. When is the wedding?

    1. I couldn't decided on dress so I bought two! hub just shook his head-one is champagne color ( I really like this one) the other is a light purple. Her colors are eggplant and a dark blue. August 22 is the date-right when school starts!

  2. It is fun having the little Grands around! Congrats on the upcoming wedding~ hugs~

  3. Oh, know you feel good that you have your dress, that a big item off your list. My daughter and I had so much fun planning her wedding and look back upon it as one of our favorite memories. All the best!


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